Complete Shop Fitout

Complete shop fit out glass requirements are catered for by Evolve Glass Projects. From Shopfronts, mirrors, colour-back glass, glass cabinets and shelving solutions. With a fast, efficient and reliable service you can trust.

Evolve Glass projects to have the project completed on time every time.

Glass Shelves

Evolve Glass Projects provide a wide range of custom made glass shelves, ranging from standard clear glass to heavy weight safety glass to suit any shelving requirements. In addition to clear and tinted glass our shelves are also available in frosted or even painted versions, which enable you to customise your shelves for any particular situation.

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Mirrors and Mirrored Walls

Evolve Glass Projects provide a wide range of custom made mirrors, ranging from standard silver mirror to tinted mirrors, coloured mirrors and laminated mirrors to cater for any mirror requirement including, Fitting Rooms, Foyers and Lift Lobbies, Inside of Elevators, bathrooms, atriums, Conference and board rooms, Whiteboards and menu signage boards, Mirrored walls, Kitchenettes and Gymnasiums.

Colour Back Glass

Evolve Glass Projects Colour-back glass provides a surface, which is sharp, colourful, and easy to clean. With the ability to choose any paint colour from any paint supplier, colour-back glass can be readily installed to existing tiles, brickwork, plasterboard, MDF or any surface, which is reasonably smooth, flat, and free form protrusions. Installation takes our experienced installers 1-2 hours and there is no mess, noise or wait once installed.

Commonly used in commercial areas such as Bathrooms, Conference and board rooms, whiteboards, gymnasiums, bathrooms, elevator walls, atriums and front reception desks.

Great for corporate branding, designs can be painted into the glass or simply applied to the surface once the glass has been installed.

All colour – back glass meets Australian Standards and are guaranteed for 5 yrs.