Bathroom Mirrors

With a range of edge working options such as polished and bevelled edges, the perfect mirror solution for your bathroom is waiting for you here.

The finishing touch to any bathroom, a well-placed mirror can transform a small dark space into a light filled bathroom with the illusion of depth.

With bathroom design becoming more innovative, mirror manufacture has also evolved with many options in colour from:

  • Silver ( most common )
  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Rose

Mirrors can be glued directly onto:

  • Tiles and Plasterboard
  • Into tile insets
  • Bathroom and wardrobe doors
  • Cabinet doors
  • Into timber, steel or aluminium frames.

Mirrors and
Mirrored Walls

Designers and architects have been using mirrored walls to create depth, bounce light and reflect views for decades. This simple yet effective method can transform a dark space or hallway into a light filled room with the illusion of depth. It also becomes the feature wall of a room.

Installation is easy and mirrors can be readily installed directly onto tiles, brickwork, plasterboard, MDF or any surface, which is reasonably smooth, flat, and free form protrusions.

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